Is your pitch looking tired and weary?

Struggling to cope with the fixture demands?



Putt it right can maintain all types of sports pitches, from new sand constructed premier league type pitches to the heavy non-draining pitches found in the north west counties league.

Contracting out the maintenance of your pitch couldn’t be easier. I can guarantee that the cost to the Club will be a lot cheaper than you thought it would be and that the playing surface of your pitch will far exceed your expectations. I can confidently say that a pitch maintained by Putt It Right Ltd will be presented to a far higher standard than it would have been should you not invite us to manage your pitch.


Putt_It_Right_Pitch5No need to find money to replace your old equipment, no repair costs,no fuel cost, no general consumables cost. We have a huge fleet of machines, verti-drains, top dressers, seeders, cylinder mowers, rotary mowers, sprayers, aerators etc.

No staff costs and no employment issues. One easy fixed annual price and invoiced as you would like it to ease your cashflow.


Putt It Right Ltd will provide everything, all you do is sit back and watch your team play football. So entrust the maintenance of your pitches to a company that is fully insured, committed to furthering staff training, dedicated to modern turfgrass maintenance practices, continuation of updating modern light weight equipment, sensitive to environmental issues and fully appreciated to all COSHH, FEPA and DEFRA legislations.Putt_It_Right_Verti-Draining


Putt It Right Ltd will maintain your pitches to the highest of standards. Your grass will be cut by some of the best mowers on the market. All equipment is light weight as to reduce any surface compaction, precision mowing blades and the most up-to-date machinery. For the final presentation cut we use light weight triple cylinder mowers – TORO 2300’s and TORO 3200’s – same as you would find at many top Premier League grounds.



  • Mowing of the pitch and pitch surrounds as and when required to a height of between 25mm and 40mm – 1st team coaches will determine this.
  • Rolling the pitch and surrounds as and when required.
  • Brushing of the pitch and surrounds as and when required.
  • Aerate the pitch when required, either by, slitting, spiking or verti-draining.
  • Raking of the pitch and surrounds as and when required.
  • Scarifying the pitch and surrounds as and when required.
  • Disease and weed eradication of the pitch and surrounds as and when required. Correct identification of disease and weeds, and to supply and to apply the products, following FEPA strict codes of practice.
  • Fertilizing the pitch and surrounds as and when required using a combination of both granular and liquid fertilizers.
  • Over-seed the pitch and surrounds as and when required using PRO 81.
  • Divoting the pitch and surrounds as and when required and providing all materials.
  • White line marking of the pitch prior to all home team matches and providing materials.


Putt_It_Right_Pitch3All mini and standard end of season renovation operations will be carried out by PUTT IT RIGHT LTD and at no additional cost (standard end of season renovation; verti-drain – scarify – slit tine aerate – over seed – top dress and fertilize). All equipment and materials will be provided by PUTT IT RIGHT LTD and will become part of the annual contract fee; there shall be no additional cost to the Club.Putt_It_Right_Pitch2

The cost of the maintenance contract includes all labour and materials to maintain the football pitch to the highest of standards for one calender year. Therefore one fixed cost makes it easy to budget, no additional maintenance cost such as fuel, white lining paint, seed, fertilizer, machinery repairs, staff wages, National Insurance contributions, training etc.


Annual cost to maintain your  pitch  –  Starts from £12,499.00 + VAT