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Artificial Grass Lawn Installations.


Synthetic Grass Installation Garstang
Artificial Lawns Installed By Putt It Right Ltd


Putt It Right Ltd is based just outside Lancaster, Lancashire.  We are located in one of the most wonderful parts of this great country of ours, but unfortunately the weather sucks.  Pretty much guaranteed we will get rain most days, and therefore it is not a great environment for trying to achieve an amazing looking natural lawn all year round.  The elements are against you and the time and money that it costs to acheive your goals are high.




hest bank
Synthetic Grass Lawns Installed By Putt It Right Ltd

There is an amazing alternative to a natural lawn and that is to have installed an artificial lawn.  If you are considering having an artificial lawn installed please do look around as you do get what you pay for.  There are some shocking products on the market to purchase, especially through the internet and some discount carpet stores.  Putt It Right Limited install artificial lawns purchased through “Verde”, we are one of the few compaines in the UK which are accreditted to install their products http://www.artificialgrass.org.uk/installers/putt-it-right-ltd/



artificial lawn lake district putt it right limited
Artificial Fake Plastic Grass Installed By Putt It Right Ltd

Verdelawn is their best selling and best value artificial lawn grass product.  When out site visiting I ask clients to try “The Barefoot Challenge”, take your shoes off and walk on it, scrunch your toes around the fibres, it honestly doesn’t feel like artificial grass, it truly feels like grass under your toes, its so soft to touch.


Contact Us to arrange a site visit and feel for yourselves.




The advertising campaign that we have run since May 2014 has been to encourage homeowners to “LOVE YOUR LAWN”.  There is no better way to show off your home and create new vitalised outdoor space by installing an artificial lawn.  Re-use the garden that is no longer pleasure.  Too much time mowing, the kids are destroying it faster than the plants can recover.  Fall back in love with your garden and start enjoying the precious little time we have as a family.  We can create a home football pitch the boys to play on, install around play equipment, sink in trampolines, whatever you desire we can construct.

Check out our facebook page to see testamonials     https://www.facebook.com/GreatGrassAllYearRound


Verdelawn Artificial Grass4
Fake Grass By Verde Installed By Putt It Right Ltd


Some Of The Benefits

  • Guaranteed For 20 Years

  • No Mowing

  • Allergy Free

  • Super Soft Feel For Kids

  • Clean, Green Play Area

  • No Muddy Mess Or Grass Stains

  • Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Green Lawn All Year Round

  • Practical Alternative To Real Grass

    Artificial Lawn Installation Lancashire
    Artificial Grass Lawns Installed By Great Grass All Year Round
  • Hard Wearing

  • Most Installs Are Completed In A Day Or Two

Fully Supplied and Installed From £49.99 +vat








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