04 January 2006 (6)
Carl Horrax – 1st European to work @ Augusta National

VERTI-DRAIN      –      SCARIFY      –      HOLLOW CORE      –      TOP DRESS


putt it right - scarifier
Scarifying Golf Tees
putt it right - verti-drain10
Verti-Draining Golf Greens











Performing all golf course renovation tasks to relieve the pressure on your golf course maintenance crew.  From hollow coring golf greens, top dressing fairways to divoting golf tees, we can do all to allow your crew to concentrate on greenkeeping.  Managing Director of Putt It Right Limited is Carl Horrax, ex Golf Course Superintendent has worked on some of the best golf courses in the World, including Augusta National, Pinehurst & Gleneagles.

Greenkeepers often require assistance in renovating their golf courses, too busy attending to the members needs and the attention to detail that is demanded by their members, that renovation work is often overlooked. Have a Professional company come and carry out the work competently while your greenkeeping staff continue with their daily chores. Whatever your requirements, for greens, tees, approaches and fairways, trust us to PUTT IT RIGHT.

Eliminate the inconsistency that happens during your busy golf season – no more


“sorry the rough is long, we have been top dressing tees and approaches this week”


“sorry the bunkers haven’t been raked all week, we have been verti-draining fairways and someone is ill or on holiday”


If you were to contract out some of your renovation operations, this would therefore allow your course crew to continue with their daily setup, mowing routine and  the “attention – to – detail” tasks which are required to produce a consistently, well maintained manicured golf course.  In most cases you will be very surprised at the cost of contracting out certain operations, you may even find it is not even worth servicing the machinery which has been sat around for a year just to perform the renovation tasks.

Call Carl on 07903 793701 for free course evaluation and see how much you can save


  • Golf Course Verti-Draining
    deep tine aeration for greens, approaches, tees, fairways and other compacted areas
  • Golf Course Aeration
    typically hollow or solid tine for soil de-compaction on greens and tees
  • Golf Course Earthquake
    shatters severely compacted soils and aid drainage and increase air exchange
  • Golf Course Scarify
    removal of thatch and surface cleansing
  • Golf Course Graden
    deep scarification process to remove a lot of thatch
  • Golf Course Graden With Sand Injection
    deep scarification process to remove a lot of thatch and inject dried sand into turf surface
  • Golf Course Top Dressing
    apply top dressing to any area on the golf course
  • Golf Course Over-Seeding
    over-seeding greens, tees, fairways and other worn areas
  • Golf Course Spraying
    application of selective herbicide to control broad-leaved weeds
  • Golf Course Turfing
    turfing any designated area with conventional 1 metre rolls or using large 20 metre rolls

Golf Course Artificial Grass
supply and installation of “Verde” Artificial Grass


Example – 18 golf greens spring/autumn full renovation

  •  Hollow core using 10mm tines with 45mm spacings
  •  Remove cores from greens
  •  Light scarify / verti-cut
  •  Over-seed using 80/20 fecue/bent greens seed @ 22.5g/m2
  •  Top dress greens with 20 tonnes of sterilised 70/30 greens mix
  •  Drag mat greens to finish

£3995.00 +VAT


Example – Hollow core 18 golf greens and remove the cores



Above is just an example of what we can professionally do and at a very reasonable price.

16th Green Pinehurst No. 2
3rd Tee Augusta National
verti-drain6 putt_it_right
Verti-Draining Golf Greens
Top Dressing Golf Course Fairways