How do I over-seed an existing lawn



Follow these guidelines for maximum success.


  • Prior to over-seeding mow the lawn a little shorter than usual, this will help the seed to make better contact with the soil and will also make top dressing easier to apply and spread.


  • Over-seeding is best carried out after some form of aeration and/or scarification as both of these operations encourage the seed to come in contact with the soil.


  • Spread the seed to the lawn, ideally using a spreader but applying it by hand is fine just be sure to spread it evenly as best you can.  I recommend that the application rate for over-seeding your lawn be 35g/m2.


  • Apply a light top dressing (layer of sand/soil mix) to your lawn.  Work it into the sward with a brush, lute or the back of a rake, this will help protect the seed, improve seed/soil contact and retain moisture.


  • Apply a non scorch lawn fertiliser to help the newly germinated seeds get established much quicker.