How To Establish Wildflowers.



For Guaranteed results follow these instructions and you will not go wrong.


Soil Preparation For Wildflowers


  • Turn over the soil as deeply as possible at least 10cm / 4 inches.


  • Spread the soil evenly.


  • Rake and level the surface for regular sowing.



Sowing Wildflowers


  • Pour the seeds into bowl and look at the amount of seed and the different shapes and sizes they are, this gives you a better idea of seed calibration, as wildflowers are normally sowed by hand.


  • Sow by casting over the surface ( as you would a small lawn).  Good tip – mix the seed with a little dry soil, reduces seed drift and makes it easier to cast the seed.


  • Either use a lawn roller or pack down the soil with your feet.  The seeds must have a good contact with the soil – do not bury them.


  • Water with a fine spray, keep the soil damp until the seeds start to germinate – note, wildflower seeds are not quick at germinating.