Fully Automatic Pop-up Irrigation System For Your Lawn.




home lawn irrigation system

Have you ever considered installing a fully automatic pop-up irrigation system.  We can install a fully automatic pop-up irrigation system straight of your mains water.  No need for additional pumps or pressure vessels, so long as you have 1.5 bar pressure which is the minimum household pressure.


So if you enjoy your lawn and take pride in maintaining it, and  so therefore you spend many evenings and mornings in the summer moving hoses and stand sprinklers.  You could now give your lawn that extra “attention to detail”.  Install an automatic irrigation system and spend your time doing other things, it could be tending to the vegetables, cut flowers or justhome pop-up irrigation spending more time with the family.  No need to ask neighbours to water the lawn when you are away on holiday, or maybe you dont do summer holidays in fear of coming back and finding your lawn has dried out and died.  Now you can have peace of mind that when you are away your lawn is being irrigated.  Simply set the timer for the desired amount of water for each zone and watch the irrigation heads pop-up in unison  –  awesome.  Picture the scene, nice summer evening, friends round for a BBQ, beer & wine, mingling on the deck, quietly ask to just to set off the lawn at 10pm, why? watch this, pop-up chchchchchchchchch as your irrigation heads pop up and start watering the lawn.



Truly the coolest thing for anyone who loves their lawn.


Much cheaper than you could possibly imagine – Call Carl on 01524 732678 for a quote today.