Turfing Services.

Putt It Right Limited are professional turf laying contractors.  Undertaking all kinds of turf laying works from domestic lawns, large commercial sites, lawn tennis courts to bowling greens.  Whether its a goal mouth needs re-turfing with large tiles for instant stability and play or a large commercial sites where we will use large rolls to a simple back lawn re-turf, there is no job too small and there is no job too big for us to manage.

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Turfing Services Lancaster
New Lawns Supplied & Installed
Turfing Services Lancaster



In Only 4 Hours



Professionally Installed New Lawns From As Little As Only

£6.95 per square metre



Being one of the Country’s leading Experts in managing turfgrass from Golf Courses & Football Pitches to Domestic Lawns, when it comes to re-turfing we only use the best quality turf.  We will replace your lawn with turf grown from the best turgrass producer in the Country “Lindum Turf”.  Putt It Right Limited will not put its name or reputation to any other turf grown in the UK. You can go online and buy what is really cheap turf and, believe me, it is cheap.  With turf you truly get what you pay for and for the sake of a couple of pounds per sq/metre whats the point.  Cheap turf is full of disease under nourished grass plants and is full of weeds, stones and moss.


turfing services
Turfing New Lawns
Large Or Small Lawns Re-turfed


When re-turfing larger sites we have no choice but to bring in some of our larger equipment,  We are capable of laying the larger 20 square metre rolls, these are essential on some lager projects.





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What Proceedures we will do to complete your lawn re-turf.

  • Kill all Weeds and Moss

  • Remove your old lawn

  • Incorporate new sterilised top soil, to improve surface levels, improve the drainage and to help new roots establish quicker

  • Apply a pre-seed granular fertiliser

  • Install your new lawn


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We will supply and install your new lawn from only £6.95sq/m.  We are highly professional, clean and tidy and in most cases we are in and out in less than a day.


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