Many lawns in the UK suffer from serious issues with broad-leaved weeds and moss.  This is tyically due to lack of light, poor drainage and poor maintenance practices.  Lack of light will naturally thin a out a lawn that was once lush and thick.  Plants are competing for light in order to photosynthesis, poor light makes the plants draw upwards searching for it, which inturn makes them elongate, therefore reducing the thicknesss of the sward and eventually losing plants.  Once plants are lost the soil becomes exposed and as most grass plants dont get the opportunity to flower and seed due to us mowing them, this is where weeds and moss take advantage.  It is the same scenario for poor drainage.  Grass plants dont like to live in an anaerobic situation and therefore grass plants die off really quickly.  The space vacated is quickly taken by broad-leaved weeds, but even they dont like the ground too wet, and once they die  off the only plant that thrives in wet shady conditions is moss, and beleive me they love it.  As for poor maintenance, that is often very typical of todays gardeners.  Lack of water when the plants are stressed, people are reluctant to water lawns due to a meter, when really it doesn’t require much water each day to survive during drought periods.  Mowing practices, people often cut the grass as short as possible, thinking the lower a cut it the less I need to cut it, wrong, thats not how grass plants work, set your height of cut and have patience to cut it as and when required, this will vary from fortnightly to every couple of days.  When cutting short you typically scalp the plants exposing the sirface and allowing the establishment of broad-leaved weeds.


A quality lush lawn that looks great is a “weed-free Lawn” – fact.  We will identify the weeds that are present on your lawn and apply the correct product for your weeds.  Using the newest and best products available on the market and because of the comprhensive evaluation of the weeds present we will reduce the amount of product required and, therefore this is an environmentally friendly way to control the weeds and moss within your lawn.


We are currently using a new product from Scotts called “Jewel”.  Jewel is the first liquid Weed and Mosskiller on the turf market.  Containing 2 powerful herbicides to make this unquie product.  Jewel uses both a systemic and post emergence contact herbicides to control the weeds and the moss.  It does not turn the moss black like all other products, as they include iron that turns the moss black, these productsdon’t kill the moss they are just suppressing it.  Jewel kills moss – dead.


Supplied and Applied

Jewel Herbicide and Mosskiller      @       £15.00 per 100square metres


Jewel Weed & Mosskiller                                                              Jewel Weed & Mosskiller        pdf file