Artificial Lawns For Dog Owners in Lancaster & Surrounding Areas

Installing artificial grass for a lawn for dogs is perfect and in so many cases its the only way forward. If you have dogs and you like your lawn and you allow the dogs on the lawn, then in so many cases installing an artificial lawn is the only thing you can do.

Unfortunately in the UK the climate just doesn’t favour growing good quality strong grass all year round (unless you are a greenkeeper and are happy to spend a lot of money at it). We suffer from serious extremes in weather, I don’t mean -50 degrees, what I am referring to is, in the summer we have long glorious days where the plants are thriving in the warm sunshine, soil conditions are typically damp it is very rare for us to suffer a drought. So therefore grass plants are very strong in our summer and we can abuse them as much as we like and they will grow back. But in the winter we suffer from short days and is typically wet, so, therefore, plants are not growing they are surviving and yet we still abuse them and wonder why they are not growing back.

The huge advantage of artificial lawn products is your pet will be able to play on it all year round without the need for having to keep them inside when you want to fertilise, mow, or weed your lawn using chemicals.

Now if you add dogs or children in the mix for a UK lawn and you can easily see why a wonderful summer lawn can so quickly deteriorate and almost disappear by Christmas, leaving nothing but a mud bath. So if your dogs are playing outside on what used to be your lovely lawn they are now filthy and those mucky paws are being walked through your home.

If your require Artificial Grass For Dogs and live in or around the Lancaster area, call us directly or check out our Facebook page. 

From Only £49.99m²

There are so many benefits for pet owners wanting a wonderful looking lawn all year round.

Guaranteed 20 years


No mowing


Allergy free


Super Soft For Your Pets Paws


Clean, green play area


No Muddy Paw Prints on Your Carpets Or Furniture


Virtually no maintenance


Green Lawn All Year Round


Practical Alternative To Real Grass


Hard wearing


Tested To British Standards


Most Installs Completed In A Day