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Artificial Grass Myths

By 8th February 2022Artificial Lawn

Artificial Grass Myths

Despite there being a huge advancement in the artificial lawn industry, there are still many common myths floating around.

Not Compatible With Pets

One of the main myths about artificial turf is that it is not compatible with pets. In fact, artificial lawn is a great choice for pets as it is extremely durable and hardwearing. Therefore, your pet can play as much as they like without damaging it.

In relation to going to the toilet, artificial grass is installed with drainage. This means that urine can easily pass through and drain away as it would with natural grass. If you are worried about concentration in one specific area, it can be hosed away.

It Is Hard to Clean

Some are put off buying artificial lawn as they believe it is difficult to clean. However, it is very hardwearing, so it doesn’t require much maintenance. All you need to do is give it a regular sweep with a stiff bristled brush and clear the area from debris.

This will keep your grass looking like new.

It Wears Out Quickly

With a higher price tag compared to traditional turf, many people don’t want to invest in artificial grass as they believe it wears out quicker. This is false. Artificial lawn is made using expert shaped fibres that bounce back over time.
In addition to this, unlike real grass, it doesn’t dry out or die during the summer months. It also doesn’t require seeding or watering to keep it alive.

Not Child Safe

Many people assume that artificial lawn is unsafe for children. However, it is actually very soft. Most of the time, fake lawn is placed on top of the same earth. Additionally, you can purchase a shock pad which absorbs impact.

Artificial lawn is just as soft as real grass and actually more accessible and safer. This is because the ground underneath must be completely flat and even prior to installation. Furthermore, there is no slip hazard in the winter when the mud gets churned up.

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