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We install Artificial Grass to both home owners and businesses. Whether its a new lawn to show of your house or a touchline along a football pitch. Our artificial grass products are supplied by Verde Sports and are guaranteed for 20 years piece of mind. If you really want a beautiful looking lawn but cannot achieve it due to certain circumstances, there is an alternative solution.

The huge advantage of artificial lawn products is they look great and are useable for 12 months of the year and not just the 5 months of optimum growing conditions with normal grass.

Artificial Grass Installation from the experts here at Putt It Right Ltd.

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Quality Lawn All Year Round

There are those that believe unless you are a professional greenkeeper then it is impossible to produce the perfect lawn – that is until now! Having an artificial lawn installed is not cheap, but once installed it looks absolutely stunning and is practically maintenance free for 20 years. The quality of today’s artificial grasses are superb, they truly look spectacular and its very hard to say but the premium products look as good as the best grass any professional greenkeeper could produce.

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Maintenance Free!

Today’s busy lifestyle is the main reason why there are so few lawns that look really good. It is hard to find a lawn that shows of a house like a show home. In the summer a quality lawn should be mown 2 or 3 times a week, watered most days, fed weekly, daily brushed and inspected for pests and disease, over-seeded and top dressed monthly. A top quality lawn requires investment and dedication. An artificial lawn installed will produce this and will be practically maintenance free for 20 years.

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From Only £49.99m²

There are so many benefits to having an artificial lawn, here are a few:

Guaranteed 20 years


No mowing


No mower expenses


No watering


No fertilising


Super soft feel for children


Unbelievably realistic – looks amazing


Clean, green play area


No muddy mess or grass stains


Utilize your space for outdoor play & living


Virtually no maintenance


Practical alternative to real grass


Allergy free


Hard wearing


Green lawn all year round

Why Artificial Grass?

In the UK our own climate change is becoming one of the main reasons why artificial lawns will become more popular. Having busy lifestyles and less time for gardening means lawns will naturally deteriorate. They will quickly become colonised by moss and weeds due to our increased wet and mild winters and wet soil conditions increases the earthworm population at the surface which results in additional wormcasts, which quickly produces muddy lawns.

Exposed soil at the surface of your lawn by the wormcasts produces an ideal seedbed for weeds to germinate, so the cycle goes round and Astroturf For Playgroups School Playground Areas round and before too long your lawn looks a shabby mess. Quick solution is to kill off the moss and weeds, suppress the worms and to re-turf your lawn. But if there is not the the time and expense to dedicate to maintaining a lawn properly then in a couple of years the lawn could be back to where it came from and therefore a practical alternative would be to install an artificial lawn, although expensive, long term it will save money and will look amazing.

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