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Preparing Your Artificial Lawn for Spring

By 6th February 2023Artificial Lawn

Preparing Your Artificial Lawn for Spring

Spring will soon be on its way, and it’s time you give your artificial lawn some TLC. To ensure your lawn will look its best all season long, we are offering some fantastic tips.

At Putt It Right Ltd, this month’s blog looks at preparing your artificial lawn for spring. For more information, call us in Lancaster on 01995 471880.


Dirt, debris, and leaves can accumulate on your artificial lawn over the winter, so it’s important to give it a thorough cleaning to start the spring season. A mild soap and water solution, along with a soft-bristled brush, can effectively remove any unwanted build-up.

If you have any stubborn spots, you can use a scrub brush to get them out. It’s important to avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the fibres and cause discolouration.


While artificial lawns are not susceptible to traditional pests like real grass, they can still be invaded by insects. Check your lawn for signs of infestation such as holes or mounds of dirt.

If you do find any evidence of insects, take appropriate measures to address the problem. You can use insecticides or other treatments specifically designed for artificial lawns, or you can consult a professional for help.


Tears, cuts, or other damage to your artificial lawn can happen from time to time, but they’re easy to fix. You can use an artificial lawn repair kit, which typically includes a repair compound, an adhesive, and a blade, or you can have a professional handle the repair for you.

Be sure to address any damage as soon as possible, as it can cause the fibres to fray and lead to further damage.


Brushing your artificial lawn is a simple but effective way to keep it looking its best. Use a stiff-bristled brush and work in a back-and-forth motion to redistribute the fibres evenly.

This will help to fluff up the fibres and give your lawn a more natural look.


Artificial lawns do not require fertilizer, as they do not need nutrients to grow. However, if you want to keep your lawn looking its best, you can use a specialized artificial lawn revitalizer.

This product will help to keep the fibres looking lush and green, and it can also help to prevent matting and fading.

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