Landscaping & Artificial Grass Installation Heysham, Lancashire

Overgrown garden requires total landscaping.  Family with two young children and a dog live at this property.  The garden is so overgrown with trees, shrubs, a decrepid gazebo and an old abandoned fish pond that it has become unsafe to use.  The brief was to create a low maintenance garden and an outdoor living space for the family.  To utilise the space of the garden I created two levels, divided the levels using new sleepers with inset steps.  To finish off I used top quality artificial grass “Supreme from Trulawn”.  Here are some before and after images.


Artificial Lawn Installation Kendal

Nice straight forward change of an old natural lawn to an artificial grass lawn.  Family in Kendal with young children who like to play football, therefore the lawn was destroyed through playing, lack of light and the typical climatic conditions of Kendal (wet).  Old lawn was replaced with “Prestige by Trulawn”.  A new lawn edge was created close to the Lorel hedge and under the hedge was freshened up with some nice bark mulch.  Striped up to finish and give it a top quality lawn finish.

artificial grass_putt It Right

Pre-School In Kendal Requires An All Year Round Outdoor Play Area.

Pre-school in Kendal requires a low maintenance all year round outdoor play area.  The brief was to acheive this on a tight budget.  Therefore no fixed play equipment and utilise the area so that children can play outdoor all year round, and the client wanted to increase the outdoor seating area also.  So we agreed to extend the exsisting patio area and to replace the old natural lawn with an artificial grass lawn.  There was a 320mm step down from the old patio to the lawn, this was deemed to be too dangerous with respect to young children stepping from the patio to the lawn.  Lifting the level of the new lawn so that the step between levels was now only 150mm was the best way to make a safe outdoor space for children to play, this though however meant that there would have to be a step created down from the new patio are to the back gate.  The artificial grass chosen was “Prestige by Trulawn”, this represents great value for money for the client.

Artificial Grass Installation Kirkby Lonsdale

Family in Kirkby Lonsdale, North Yorkshire had very little grass on their lawn and the children wanted to play outside constantly.  Whenever the kids went out to play the house would be getting destroyed from their dirty shoes and clothes.  The children wanted to play outside, so we explored all the options they had to create an outdoor living space that was clean and dry and could be used all year round.  So they chose the best solution to their problem and that was to replace the natural lawn with and artificial grass lawn.  The grass type chosen was “Prestige by Trulawn”.

Artificial Lawn Saves Dog Lovers Garden.

Garden in Milnthorpe where the lawn is destroyed by dog urine.  Homeowners wanted a lawn but unfortunately due to the dogs urine this is not possible.  So we looked at all the options available and the homeowners choose to replace the lawn with an artificial lawn, and retain the shape and the apple tree that was situated in the lawn.  This is what Putt It Right specialises in, difficult shape lawns and tricky things such as a tree located in the middle of it.  Seemless joints and a quality finish that looks like a natural lawn.