Watering Your Lawn


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All lawns need regular rain to replace the moisture that the grass plants will draw up through the soil and loose through transpiration.  Grass plants can survive for a couple of weeks without rain, but soon after your plants will show signs of stress. Grass may turn a silvery blue colour and turf will look flat as the grass plants start to wilt and looses its natural springy nature.  During the germination stage of grass growing your seeds and seedlings require regular watering, you are aiming to keep the soil and seed moist but not wet.  Once the plants have germinated and got established then you can ease off watering.


To avoid these problems, here’s what to do…


  • Keep off the lawn if possible as the grass will be dry, go brittle and is liable to break and bruise.  Do not cut shorter than 50mm (2”) and do not cut again until there is some sign of growth.


  • Water thoroughly once a week.  Some franchise companies that haven’t got a clue on how to manage grass will tell you to “water twice a day until there is sufficient moisture in the soil to help the grass to recover” – rubbish! –  During a drought water the lawn thoroughly once a week rather than giving light sprinklings every day. Water at a cool time of the day, either late at night or early in the morning.


  • Prick the surface.  If the lawn is baked and rock hard then water will tend to shed off and not penetrate into the soil where it is needed.  To prevent this from happening prick the surface all over with a lawn spike aerator or a garden fork.


  • Keep to the laws of the land.  Hose pipe bans restrict your watering potential even if you are not metered. Stay within the law as fines can be rather heavy. Resourceful gardeners use water butts to store rain water and can also use bath water and other waste sources to keep lawns looking good.


  • Add nutrients whilst watering.  Whilst you are stood there watering your lawn you may as well add feed at the same time.  You could use our EverGreen liquid and soluble lawn care products that feed, weed or kill moss can be added to your watering can and applied at the same time as you water your lawn.  As they are diluted with water, EverGreen lawn foods get to work quickly. For example, when the weather is fair and the soil is moist, Evergreen Complete Soluble will make the grass richer and greener the day after application.