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Advantages Of Having An Artificial Putting Green At Home

By 18th December 2020Putting Green

Installing an artificial putting green in your back garden at home is a fantastic investment in the future of your golfing game. Artificial turf is growing in popularity for UK homeowners because of the myriad included benefits. 

Based just outside Lancaster, our specialists at Putt It Right Ltd have years of experience installing high-quality artificial lawns. With the growing popularity of this product, many individuals are seeing the advantages that owning an artificial putting green at home is having on their golfing skills.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Having a golfing green in your backyard there is no excuse not to practice. Rain or shine, if you have the equipment and appropriate clothes there is nothing stopping you. Not to mention how close the kitchen is for a nice cool drink afterwards.

As with anything the more time you put in the better you will become. Having to travel to the local golf course can take a lot of precious time out of your evenings or weekends.

By installing an artificial putting green in your garden you can remove this barrier to practice and just step outside without worrying about the time.

Low Maintenance

If you are considering converting your garden or back yard area into a personal golfing green then you might be wondering what the benefits of having real or artificial grass are. The primary benefit is certainly low maintenance.

Remember all that time you have saved by not having to travel to the local golf course? Well, if you have real grass you will be using that time to:

  • Remove weeds
  • Mow the lawn regularly
  • Water the grass when the weather is dry
  • Keep off it when its wet to avoid damaging it

The list of things to do and remember when maintaining a personal putting green at home with real grass can make it feel like it is not worth it. By having an artificial lawn, however, these problems are non-existent, and you can enjoy playing golf in all kinds of weather, any day of the week.

Designed To Your Specifications

All outdoor spaces are different. Whether it be size or shape, the space you have to work with is unique to you. Yes, it is possible to use real turf when designing your golfing green, however, it does not come with the same flexibility.

Have an artificial putting green designed that will fit perfectly in your outdoor space. Don’t worry about weeding or mowing. Just focus on practising the sport you love and improve your game.

Get a bespoke design for your artificial putting green with Putt It Right Ltd. Call us today on 01524 823 734 or fill in our contact form.