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The Benefits of Artificial Lawns for Dogs

By 11th August 2021Artificial Lawn

With an artificial lawn, you can create a safe space for your dog to play outside that requires little maintenance and is cost-effective.

In this month’s blog at Putt It Right Ltd we look at the benefits of artificial lawns for dogs. Call us in Lancaster on 01524 823734 for more details.

Create a Safe Play Area

Dogs need a safe space to play outside where they can enjoy themselves without risking illness or injury. Pests such as ticks and fleas thrive in natural grass and will bite and attach themselves to your pet.

These pests will then be brought indoors and can be difficult to get rid of. On the other hand, artificial grass gives dogs a place to play where ticks and fleas have nowhere to go, offering a pest-free lawn.

There are also some plants that grow in real grass, such as pokeweed and daffodils, that can harm your pet if eaten. These weeds cannot grow on artificial lawns, protecting your dog from potential illness.

Low Maintenance

A lot of effort goes into maintaining a garden, especially one with real grass. The easiest way to keep the outside space looking good is to use chemical products, such as:

  • Fertilisers
  • Insecticides
  • Weed Killers

All of these products are potentially toxic to dogs, which is why investing in an artificial lawn can not only reduce the amount of maintenance needed but also protect your pet. Your outside space can look great all year round with little to no maintenance required.


Some dogs love to dig up your lawn, creating holes that need to be filled in and sometimes even returfed. Installing artificial grass will prevent this issue from occurring, saving you time and money on new turf.

With little to no maintenance required, you can save a lot of money on fertilisers, weed killers and more over the years. Investing in an artificial lawn is worthwhile for the long-term comfort and safety of your dog, in addition to saving money over time.

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