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Choosing the Best Artificial Lawn for a Putting Green

By 17th June 2022Putting Green

Yarn Type

Synthetic yarns can either be straight or textured. On straight yarns, the fibre is straight, whereas on textured yarns, the fibre is bent.

Textured yarns closely mimic real grass. Therefore, it is favoured by golfers. However, you can always use straight yarn to surround your putting area This prevents your ball from rolling off the green.

Pile Density

Another factor to consider is the pile density. The denser the pile, the better – as long as it’s not so dense that it prevents the installation of an infill material. 

Dense piles are more hard-wearing. Therefore, more capable of withstanding hours of practice. It also helps replicate a true ball roll speed.

Pile Direction

When choosing the best putting green grass, you want to choose a product with the most realistic ball roll speed. Another important factor to consider is choosing a product with minimal pile direction. All domestic artificial turf has a pile direction, so fibres slightly lean to one direction.

Excessive pile direction creates an unrealistic ball speed. The best way to check the pile direction is to request samples of lawn.

Strong Backing

The backing is what holds the lawn together. Without a strong backing, the yarn will detach, causing excessive loss of yarn and impacting your putting performance. 

Artificial lawn backing is made up of both a primary and secondary layer. If you can pull them apart with your fingers, it is poor quality.

Aesthetics are Important

In addition to performance, you want your putting green to look good. It will be a key part of your outdoor space, so it needs to blend into its surroundings. 

Aesthetics are a matter of personal preference, but it is recommended you look at previous installations to choose the perfect design.

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