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Pre-School Lawn

Pre-school in Kendal requires a low maintenance all year round outdoor play area. The brief was to acheive this on a tight budget. Therefore no fixed play equipment and utilise the area so that children can play outdoor all year round, and the client wanted to increase the outdoor seating area also. So we agreed to extend the exsisting patio area and to replace the old natural lawn with an artificial grass lawn. There was a 320mm step down from the old patio to the lawn, this was deemed to be too dangerous with respect to young children stepping from the patio to the lawn. Lifting the level of the new lawn so that the step between levels was now only 150mm was the best way to make a safe outdoor space for children to play, this though however meant that there would have to be a step created down from the new patio are to the back gate. The artificial grass chosen was “Prestige by Trulawn”, this represents great value for money for the client.