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Winter Artificial Lawn Care

By 6th December 2021Artificial Lawn

Winter Artificial Lawn Care

Winter has arrived. With the dark nights and frosty mornings, it can be a very quiet time for your garden. With winter also comes the icy and snowy conditions, and you may worry how that will affect your artificial grass.

Can My Grass be Damaged by Snow or Frost?

Compared to natural lawn, artificial grass is highly resilient and will withstand more extreme weather conditions. Your grass will stiffen in the frost and in a deep freeze, you may cause some damage if you walk on it. Therefore, it is recommended you allow the snow to melt and drain away.

Snow Covered Lawn

A thin layer of snow will not do much damage to your grass. However, as it builds up, the snow can become compacted and turn to ice. This can potentially break the fibres of your lawn.

Using salt to melt ice and snow can clog the drainage elements, so it is not recommended. Remove as much snow as possible using a plastic shovel and take care when it melts as it can be slippery.

You may notice that your grass has become flattened after a snow fall, but it will always bounce back.

Rain and Floods

Your artificial lawn can stand up well against a lot of rain and will be fine if it becomes temporarily submerged underwater. However, prolonged waterlogging can cause issues such as mould. To ensure this is kept to a minimum, your grass should be installed correctly by a professional.

Protection is Essential

If you are expecting a harsh winter, you can always prepare your lawn by covering it with a tarpaulin sheet. This provides an extra layer of protection. You can still walk across the grass, but the fibres will be protected from any damage from snow, rain and ice.

Carry Out Regular Maintenance

While it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a natural lawn, artificial grass will need some form of care. This ensures that your lawn is prepared for the harsh weather.

Remove any leaves or debris as they can cause drainage blockage and cause water to collect on the surface. This can then lead to a rise in weed, moss and mould growth.

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