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Environmental Benefits of Artificial Lawns

By 9th April 2021Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1960s. As it continues to thrive in popularity, people still question whether it is beneficial for the environment. We are here to put your mind at ease.

At Putt It Right Ltd, we have a wealth of expertise installing artificial lawns for a range of clients. With our knowledge, this month’s blog looks at its environmental benefits. Call us today on 01524 823734 to get your quote.

Reduces Carbon Emissions

While artificial grass cannot convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, it is important to remember that it requires less upkeep than a real lawn. With real grass, regular maintenance is required to keep it looking healthy.

Regular maintenance requires the use of electricity, water and fuel. If you have a petrol or diesel lawnmower, you are emitting greenhouse gases into the environment. Furthermore, real grass requires watering, feeding and various chemicals to keep it looking beautiful. These could also have an impact on wildlife.

Saves Water

Real grass needs water, especially in the summer. To ensure your lawn remains fresh all year round, you could be using gallons of water, depending on the size of garden.

With artificial grass, you can greatly cut the amount you use and help reduce the amount of water wasted.


Another environmental benefit to artificial lawn is that it is non-toxic. This is because you don’t need pesticides, fertilizers etc. Whereas real grass needs them to remain protected from pests and disease.

These chemicals can be extremely harmful to both humans and animals. They can also find their way into local water sources and damage the environment – even through surface run-off. Furthermore, large amounts of toxins can develop algae on bodies of water, which is incredibly harmful to fish and vegetation.


You can even re-use your artificial lawn. Many people decide to take it with them when they move. The lifespan of artificial grass depends on many factors such as proper maintenance and natural wear. However, you can be assured that it can accompany you to your next property.

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