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Top Tips For Artificial Lawn Care

By 1st February 2021Artificial Lawn

Top Tips For Artificial Lawn Care

Having an artificial lawn installed isn’t cheap, but it’s a fantastic investment. However, many people believe that it requires no maintenance. Although it is designed to withstand the elements and more, it is important that you look after it.

Putt It Right Ltd has many years of experience providing artificial lawn services across Lancaster. This month’s blog offers tips on how to keep your lawn looking flawless all year round. For more information, call 01524 823734.

Give It A Brush

Like real grass, heavy use of your lawn can lead to some areas looking a little flat. You will need a good brush and we suggest a stiff, natural-bristled brush or a specialist artificial grass rake. This will help lift the fibres.

When brushing your lawn, do so in different directions to keep it bouncy and upright.

Weed & Debris Removal

Although artificial grass has a protective membrane that minimises the risk of weeds that would normally grow through normal grass, certain weeds can still appear. Obviously, you can’t go digging, so weeds are simply removed by taking off the tops when they show through. Alternatively, you can use a water-based weed killer to prevent regrowth.

Any debris such as leaves, and dead plants should be removed from your lawn as soon as possible. This is because organic matter can build up and damage the lawn drainage, which can also encourage weed growth.

Cleaning Your Grass

Your artificial lawn usually self-cleans when it rains. However, long dry spells mean you simply hose it down to flush away any dirt or dust.

As your lawn is made from resistant materials, you should be able to quickly remove stains with warm, soapy water. It is best to stick to this to prevent any damage.

Pet Mess

Artificial grass fibres cannot be damaged by animal faeces or urine. However, if not washed properly, there can be a build-up of strong smells.

Just like natural grass, animal mess should be removed as soon as possible. Urine can be hosed away, whereas solid waste can be easily removed before hosing the area down with warm, soapy water.

Find Out More

If you have any queries on how to care for your artificial lawn, contact Putt It Right. We are always on hand to offer professional advice if you are unsure. By following these simple steps, your lawn should last for many years to come.

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